Practitioner Focus: Carola Chambers

What creative project are you working on?

I appear to be in that 'pondering phase' at the moment, having finished one large canvas and mulling over ideas for the next piece of artwork.

The Sketchbook Circle has been monumental in this process and I am constantly grateful and energised by the ideas that develop from the exchanges. However, I can't imagine ever having enough time to develop them all!

I am also creating a series of 'art-in-a-box' projects, enabling primary school teachers to deliver stand-alone art lessons to their class. This should allow for all children in KS1 and KS2 in my school to access challenging and engaging art activities, regardless of the individual teacher's knowledge or expertise, as I am unable to work with all year groups in my school.

So, if any of you creative people out there have any suggestions or want to share your own personal experience of doing something similar, please get in touch.


How does your creative process work?

As mentioned, I mull over ideas and play around with materials and techniques before finished pieces begin to evolve.

Like many, time is the main issue, so I tend to work in the kitchen where I can be involved in family life, as I have 3 smallish children, and can spend snatched moments working on pieces whilst simultaneously cooking ( however, often the cooking part suffers as I get absorbed in what I'm creating art wise). But I often regard my materials as ingredients and can be dictated and inspired by them. So this location suits me: the kitchen is the hub of my creative environment. I also like to engage the senses by playing music which suits the mood of my work and if working in the evenings, wine and incense are often involved, adding to this sensory experience of making!


What materials and tools could you not live without?

Well, the Sketchbook Circle, obviously! 

Also, chunky graphite sticks, textiles and acrylic paint.  I like the tactile nature of my 'ingredients' and love combining and layering materials. During my involvement over the last 2 years in the Sketchbook Circle, I have really enjoyed exploring new techniques and processes.

I never thought I'd say this, but also technology. It really speeds up the design process, since my days in art school more than 20 years ago. Apart from playing music through it and researching lesson ideas for school, I use my I-pad to digitally play around with ideas and to record my work.


Where do you search for creative inspiration?


I am very inspired by nature, colours and pattern and am lucky enough to live near fabulous forests which never fail to inspire. I am also excited by materials and textures of papers and fabrics. I must also acknowledge good old Pinterest for the ease to find visual inspiration and to access a world of amazing creators.


What is the best piece of creative advice you have been given?

It sounds corny but, "follow your heart" and "be true to yourself".