Sketchbook Circle Mail-outs

Monthly Postal Mail-outs

For the last two years Sketchbook Circle has offered a lovely, monthly, postal mail-out.  These mail-outs are intended to offer a bit of inspiration and to encourage the participants to be creative perhaps even sharing their artwork and ideas with others in the Sketchbook Circle community. Some of the mail-outs offer interesting materials to work with or unusual techniques and others are more focused on ideas.  It is always lovely to see our community sharing the things they have made in response to the mail-out (#sketchbookcircle).

We have had some fantastic, guest mail-out designers which has helped us to keep the mail-out varied and interesting.  We are always looking out for ideas!  So give us a shout if you would like to take a month over!  

The exciting news this year is that we have support from Great Art, which means that some of the mail-outs will include materials for you to try out.  However, there will still be the usual inspirations, ideas and prompts and other artist educators sharing ideas and experience.  

You don't have to be part of the circle to sign up for the mail-out!  Maybe you are keen to receive something lovely and inspiring through the post?  Maybe you could buy it for someone else as a gift?  

This year we are charging a little bit more which will allow us to develop the mail-outs further and enable us to afford slightly more for the contents of each per pack.

Take a look at the images of some of the mail-outs from the last two years but do get in touch if you have any other questions.