Practitioner Focus: Philippa Stanton


Philippa Stanton is an artist living in Brighton in the UK

Tell us about your work

My work consists of lots of differing elements but which all seem to weave together or at least in and out of each other. I paint abstract pieces using my synaesthesia as well as my love for texture and the weather, my photography usually connects to my love of colour and now I’ve also written a book about the creative process. My ‘work’ is basically anything that takes my fancy creatively…and as a side note I also trained at RADA, so occasionally moonlight as an actor still.


What creative project are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently working on 2 Artist’s Open House Projects, one which is focused on my textile designs and the other which is encouraging people to come and visit an artist’s home, just as it is ( i.e., not a group show ).

ScreenHunter 138.jpg

Where do you find your creative inspiration?

Everywhere, but a lot of the time I find great creative inspiration from restrictions!

ScreenHunter 137.jpg


What tools or materials could you not live without?

I have a palette knife which belonged to my Grandma and I make sure I use it in some way on every painting. I have a jar of my favourite brushes, but to be honest, if everything disappeared I would find something to work with.. it’s about restrictions again! In terms of my photography, at the moment, the editing apps I can’t live without are Unfold, Videoleap and of course Instagram ( I edit all my images with Instagram tools ). I also have a memory stick which plugs into my phone and computer which I guard with my life!

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What is the best piece of creative advice you have been given?

Find everything interesting, especially if it frightens you! …my mum said that!

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