Practitioner Focus: Liz Goode

Please introduce yourself

 My name is Liz and I am the director of The Foundry Gallery in Chelsea, London. This is my first year doing Sketchbook Circle and I am really enjoying making the time to make work again.

What is your background in art?

1994- Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at University of Portsmouth

1999- BA(Hons) in Fine Art at the Kent Institute of Art & Design at Canterbury

2002– MA Printmaking at University of the Arts: Camberwell

2004- PGCE in Post Compulsory Education at the Institute of Education

I spent 7 years as the Fine Art Lecturer on a Foundation course at Richmond Upon Thames College. There were many ups and downs and sadly towards the end more downs. After having my first son in 2011 I took voluntary redundancy. This coincided with my husband and his business partner deciding to open a gallery as part of their architectural practice and I stepped in. I had to learn my new career by doing it! I joined the Association of Women Art Dealers and went to as many seminars, lectures and workshops as I could. I also won a place on an art dealers boot-camp which taught me most of what I needed to know.

As the director and curator (a one man show really!) I am always on the search for new artists whose work resonates with the gallery’s remit of art work that explores the relationships between art and architecture. I do the graphic design, website, contracts, photography, curating and hanging and making good the space afterwards. I am also the writer and editor and put out all the press releases which have had a good track record. Each exhibition takes up to a year to put together as a mum of 2 I have limited time and I like to build a good working relationship with the artists I work with.

Tell us about your work

Currently I seem to have three main threads to my work: one is based on found maps, the second comes from photographs of buildings I’ve taken and then edited on Instagram; editing, cropping and tessellating with the “Layout” app (through Instagram) to create new ‘architectural’ structures. The third is triangles, triangular shaped roofs will be basis of new series of screen prints I’m starting in September.

Where do you make your work?

I make my work on the dining room table. I am also working on my trusty iPhone 5 with Instagram and Instagram Layout.

What materials could you not live without?

Camera, iPhone, Macbook, Copic pens, graph paper, Gelli plate, mt tape, Instagram

Where do you find the inspiration for your work?

From exhibitions I have seen, artists I like, art journals I have read, art books, blogs, Instagram and my surroundings.

How does your creative process work?

I start with research then through experimentation and working through an idea. I throw out a lot as I am out of practice and a perfectionist so I am finding the Sketchbook Circle liberating!