The Emergency Blanket Challenge- Caroline Preston

For my challenge I tried a few templates, designed a cutting/scoring grid & now know that I can get 9 sheets of A4 from what you gave me which would result in 36 pyramids!
Alternatively, I could vary sizes for different effects if I was to develop this into my own work. (Here I have used sellotape for a quick fix, but for a professional outcome would use sandpaper & glue on the specified areas so that there was no obscurity/imperfection of tape when you look at the pyramids. This is necessary for each laminated pyramid simply because it cannot hold its form in the same way paper or metal can.)

With a class we would first make one each, then respond individually with photography, then as a whole group/small groups we'd create a combined series of 3D responses with sculpture, relief, photography, drawing & painting... Our work & what we place around it/where we place it, could then lead to still life observational experimentations & outcomes in response to this starting point! I love it as it can cover many themes & skills.

Critical & contextual references:
Broomhill Art Hotel & Sculpture Gardens where I visit & exhibit regularly, inspired by it's various national & international artists working in metal -

Martin C Herbst -

Mademoiselle Maurice -

My work:

My intention would be to create this into a full sculpture/relief wall piece. For now I have photographed the one I have made in different environments.

I wanted to apply my knowledge of origami to your challenge to link to my artwork, along with enjoying the light reflective surface & taking inspiration from artists working in similar media. I doubted it would tolerate gluing to paper for folding, and as I have been away for 3 weeks, figured to achieve something I would need a quick way to make this rigid. I knew I would loose some of the reflective quality, but hoped the laminating would suffice & other than a few creases where the original folds were, it's done ok, but lacks the brightness as thought!
(I will later use all the off cuts I have of the original blanket to create a rag rug style piece of card that I can poke & protrude sections through so they take on their own folds & reflections more naturally & reflectively in a smaller piece ref. Artist Martin C Herbst.)