Elinor Brass

I am an artist, Head of Art at a school in the midlands,  a doctoral student at the Institute of Education and former Director of Gerald Moore Gallery.   I work with photography, drawing, collage, printmaking, painting, sculpture and installation, making work that plays with the juxtaposition of objects and textures to create painterly responses to environments.  The absence of people as well as the contrived and found positioning of objects in my images emphasise implied activities and narratives.  I have often collaborated with Emily Orley.  In our work together, we begin projects with the idea that 'places remember events' (words that James Joyce scribbled in the margin of his notes in Ulysses) to investigate and document the history of sites in and around London.  My doctoral studies have allowed me to explore some of the learning taking place in Gerald Moore Gallery.  

I established a sketchbook circle in 2009 with Tanya Paget continuing to develop the project with Georgia Naish and Susan Coles, hosting an annual exhibition and workshops at Gerald Moore Gallery.  

Susan M Coles

I am an artist first and last. I remember drawing on the landing wall with green wax crayon when I was 3 or 4 years old. I'm still scribbling away. In the "real world", I am an activist, advocate, and consultant/adviser for the visual arts and for creativity and culture. I often bump into lampposts when out and about, because I’m looking up or looking down whilst being constantly curious about the world I live in. I mainly live "outside the box" and feel that my own personal creativity flourishes in that freedom. The freedom to express, to communicate, to tell stories and make statements through drawing, photography and mixed media and..... just making art. I wouldn't have a voice without art. I wouldn't be who I am. I wouldn’t know who I am. Sketchbook Circle intrigues me, challenges me, and even annoys me sometimes. It has become an important part of what I do and it is very much about collaboration with others. I believe strongly in the wisdom of crowds and working with others, creatively. This is my rationale for being what I am- if you want to know about my "real world" life, visit my webspace at www.artcrimes.org.uk and follow me on Twitter @theartcriminal. 

Georgia Naish

I am an artist and artist educator, part of a great team at The Grange School, Cheshire. I love being in the classroom and thrive off the challenges and opportunities my role in school provides. In 2011, following the completion of an MA which focused upon my role as a maker within the context of art and design education, I became involved with the TEA (Thinking, Action, Expression) project, led by Susan Coles and supported by NSEAD, The Campaign for Drawing and NADFAS. It was through my involvement in TEA that I started to work more closely with Elinor and Susan, and became involved with Sketchbook Circle as a participant and later as a co-organiser.

My work centres around narrative, memory and found elements. I like to play with images, words and juxtaposition. I use handmade and digital elements in my work and enjoy subverting the context of the imagery I work with and exploring the humour and tension between words and imagery.